Advanced Dental Technology – Woodway, TX  

Offering a Modern Approach to Dentistry

Parents often wonder about the types of equipment and instruments used in a dentist’s office. Worried about safety and comfort, we take these concerns into consideration, which is why we believe in providing parents with greater peace of mind. At Hewitt Kids Dental, we are pleased to use digital X-rays to create safer and more accurate diagnostic imaging. Learn more about these solutions below.

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

  • Greater Comfort When Capturing Diagnostic Images
  • Improved Patient Education with Real-Time Viewing
  • Safer Digital X-Rays That Emit Less Radiation

All Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-ray machines were cumbersome to navigate, uncomfortable for patients, and took copious amounts of time to develop. They also emitted higher levels of radiation. Nowadays, though, we use all-digital X-rays that are much safer for children and teens. Also, they produce higher-resolution images so that more accurate treatment planning can occur. And if we need to retrieve them in the future, they’re much easier to store.