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Where Your Kids Can Come For a Healthier Smile

At Hewitt Kids Dental, we are pleased to provide comprehensive services to toddlers, children, teens, and patients with special needs. We can also perform frenectomies for lip or tongue-ties on infants. Dr. Segall and Dr. Blackwelder are pediatric dentists who understand the progression of young smiles and want to see them flourish, so if you’re ready to put your child’s teeth and gums on a positive trajectory, call us to schedule an appointment today.


Dentistry for Toddlers

It is recommended that children undergo their first dental checkup and cleaning by the time their first tooth erupts or before they reach the age of one. While these visits may be more about creating a baseline for your little one’s smile and developing a positive relationship between them and our team members, we will be happy to provide helpful tips and techniques that can be used at home to encourage good oral hygiene and maintain healthy smiles in between their six-month appointments.


Dentistry for Children

As your child approaches school-age, and all their baby teeth have erupted, you can prepare for a new stage of dental care. During their six-month visits, we will closely monitor their teeth, gums, and bite to ensure there is no developing decay, gum disease, or bite misalignment. We’ll also work to encourage them to pursue good oral hygiene at home through positive dental habits, good nutrition, and mouth protection.


Dentistry for Teens

Teenagers often spend more of their time at school, with friends, and playing sports. This means ensuring they practice good oral hygiene is essential. Even if you’re not with them as much as you used to be, our team can work to help them develop and maintain good habits that will carry with them into adulthood. We know they care about their appearance, especially as it pertains to the social aspect of their lives, and we’ll go the extra mile to offer optimal protection for healthier, long-lasting smiles.


Special Needs Dentistry

Do you have a child with behavioral, physical, mental, or developmental limitations? If so, allow Dr. Segall or Dr. Blackwelder to provide special accommodations to make their visit one-of-a-kind. With the ability to offer sedation dentistry, and with the skills to provide safe and effective services for special needs patients, we promise to maintain a compassionate, caring, and at-their-pace approach. This will ensure they receive the dental care they need to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles.