Pediatric Dentist – Woodway, TX

Get To Know Dr.  Colleen Segall

Dr. Segall says that there is nothing more rewarding than helping a child have a successful dental visit. So many kids walk into the office feeling nervous or afraid, and she is always excited to show them that dental care is nothing to be scared of. With her, young patients end up leaving with huge smiles on their faces! To learn a little more about Dr. Segall ahead of your child’s visit, read below.

Why Did You Become a Dentist?

Dr. Segall was inspired to become a dentist thanks to her own dentist who showed her how interesting and fulfilling the profession could be. She also liked that it involved a mixture of science and art and would give her the power to impact someone’s appearance and health in a profound way.

Where Did You Study Dentistry?

After graduating from Lebanon Valley College, Dr. Segall attended the University of Pennsylvania to earn her dental degree. She then underwent her specialty training in pediatric dentistry at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry. Today, she is an active member of the Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

What Do You Like To Do Outside of the Office?

Dr. Segall and her husband, Michael (an orthodontist), met while in dental school, and they both went on to serve in the U.S. Army for several years. Today, they have a young daughter, Sophia. When she isn’t spending quality time with the family, Dr. Segall likes to cook, listen to music, dance, exercise, and travel.